Fancy a taste of Ibiza in your life?

Then you're all right at Ibiza Chick.

We have been inspired by our round trips in Ibiza, but especially by our love for the Ibiza & Bohemian lifestyle, because it fits with our own lifestyle.

During our stay in Ibiza we were able to meet different designers and designers of Ibiza brands.

These Ibiza brands, colorful products and Bohemian lifestyle we brought together in our webshop. We mainly focus on the many quality products that are produced in Ibiza.

Our articles are directly connected to the island of Ibiza.

Ibiza Chick originated from years of passion for Ibiza and the Ibiza Way of Life 'style' and partly because of this we also regard the island as our second home. Ibiza obviously has many faces, which many do not know, and that is precisely what we bring to the attention.

We work with Ibiza labels, which have a story attached, that you can discover with every brand. We would like to surprise you and continue to amaze you. All our articles are selected by us on the spot and selected on the basis of character and quality. Only the best of Ibiza is good enough.

Take a look around our webshop and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.